Limited Edition Triptych Booklet Sale

Less than 20 copies remain of Triptych Book 1, containing 3 collaborative short stories with artwork and music accompaniment. Purchase a signed, limited edition booklet with free U.S. shipping by completing a questionnaire about your experience reading the Triptych Blog.

Upcoming Events

Private Lessons: Ongoing

July 7 6pm-9:30pm: Fairfield First Friday Art Walk, Fairfield, IA

Private Art Lessons

Private lessons are an effective way to improve your skills by dedicating time each week to focused instruction. In my own experience, private lessons provided a solid foundation for more advanced concepts in the visual arts. My goal is to provide informative lessons that pushes both the technical ability and creativity of my students.

The lessons I offer include instruction in drawing, painting, Photoshop, composition, and ideation. Lessons are conducted in-person and take place in Fairfield, Iowa and neighboring cities. Instruction is available to students of all ages with beginning- or intermediate-level experience. Feel free to contact me for any questions you might have at

Drawing Lessons for Adults

It's never too late to learn a new skill! Drawing lessons for adults take place at home or a local public venue. Lessons are typically 1 hour and include demonstration as well as guided projects.


In-Person: $30/hr + travel fee

Virtual: $20/hr