Project Links

The Monster Buddy Project: A scratchboard series inspired by the creative minds of young artists. 

Triptych: A collaborative storytelling blog with music, writing, and illustration. 



Candice Broersma is a freelance illustrator specializing in fantastical subject matter. She earned a Bachelors in Art as well as Music at the University of Redlands where she was highly involved as a clarinet performer. After graduating, Candice studied commercial art at the Savannah College of Art and Design, receiving a Master of Arts in Illustration in 2015. In 2016 Candice was awarded the Kevin Workman Foundation Sponsorship to San Diego Comic Con and continues to exhibit at local conventions and art shows. 

Along with creating illustrations on a freelance basis, Candice has ongoing self-directed projects including Triptych and the Monster Buddy Project. With each new series, Candice finds the opportunity to further her skills and educate a new generation of artists. She can currently be found lurking in the prairie grasslands of Fairfield, Iowa. 


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