Feast of Lights 2019 Character Portraits

Every year the University of Redlands puts on an extravagant display of music and artistry called the Feast of Lights. This is a Christmas-themed program that I have enjoyed and performed in while a student at the University, so it is a special project for me to contribute to! Here are three character portraits that I made with the direction of the lovely individuals at the School of Music, including Juan Garcia and Dr. Nicholle Andrews!

It was such a pleasure to work with them! The process went very smoothly and the project was well suited to my interests with Victorian-inspired elements.

I had some pretty clear instructions up front, so the preliminary thumbnails closely resemble the final illustrations. I was tasked with creating a patterned border, adding an architectural motif based on the University Chapel, and to somehow incorporate the “Puer natus est nobis”, a significant Gregorian chant written in neumes—the precursor to modern music notations.

Here is a little peek at my direct reference for one of the portraits: the shepherd. I’m using a Daz 3D model for lighting information, a decked-out 1/6 scale Artist Figure from Sideshow Collectibles, and moi. Reference material is serious business folks.

Here are close-ups of the faces because I really liked the method I used with a more bristly brush that shows more stroke detail than my other work. It adds more visual interest while at the same time allowing me to let go of applying unnecessary detail, so I will make greater use of it!

If you live in the Inland Empire, you should definitely check out the Feast of Lights! The production raises donations for those in need and is a magnificent choral, instrumental, and theatrical display!